Hola! Hiroshima information for you

How are you?
Is everything doing well?
Today I'd like to present some small information about Hiroshima.

Those who want to eat lasagna around Hatsukaichi.
Please go to this resutaurant [Ruga Ruga].


Here,You can eat good Itarian dishes & lasagna(¥780).

From JR Hatsukaichi-station,it takes only 5-10 minutes walk.

☆ Mexican Restaurante
(Hiroshima centro zone)



Chile Jalapeno(¥400),Nopalitos(¥400),Pepperoni(¥980)
Chili Beans(¥980),Cocktail Shrimps(¥650)
Burrittos(¥780),Carne Asada(¥900),Quesadilla(¥880)

Hiroshima,nakaku hukuromachi 6-4 4F
lunch 11:30-14:00
dinner 18:00-24:00
tel 082-243-3669 /(050)5868-7155
Card OK

[Eat In King]

Fajitas(¥900),taco-rice(¥900),ensalada de nopalitos(¥700)
Hiroshima,nakaku hukuromachi 4-14-105
11:30~02:00 (L.O.01:00)
Card OK

Maybe some young guys want to get this train on
(or want to take photos).

☆ Eva Shinkansen Information


2015.7.nov ~2017.march end

Name:Kodama No.730 (Hakata Sta.⇒Shin-Osaka Sta.)

Hakata Sta.(6:36)→Higashihiroshima Sta.(8:24)→Hiroshima Sta.(8:24)
→Shin-Osaka Sta.(11:14)

So,if you go to the Hiroshima Stathion at 8:24 am,You can see the Eva Shinkansen.
( I think this train stops at Hiroshima Sta. 1minute.)
Shall we buy admission tickets for enter the station?
And take many photos on the platform.

Name:Kodama No.741(Shin-Osaka sta.⇒Hakata Sta.)

Shin-Osaka Sta.(11:32)→Higashihiroshima Sta.(13:50)→Hiroshima sta.(14:02)

We can also watch Eva again.

Almost everyday Eva goes.
The calendar:http://www.500type-eva.jp/timetable.html

Eva does't need special paymant.
That's the same price as usual .
But in Eva, there is a special room(1car).
So we should get the reservation by the internet.

And,at seven eleven convince store, you can buy a eva cellphon.
It's very expensive but has special original application software.

Please have a good day in Japan.
Que tenga buen dia!

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