Hello! my friends.

Hello my friends.How are you?
I'm very fine.

みなさん こんにちは。

I would like to introduce one of my favorite places in Japan.
Today,I will show you the pictures of Saijo in Hiroshima.

Hello! my friends._c0325278_12164020.jpg
Saijo Station(西条駅)

Do you know the Hiroshima Univ.?
It's a one of national univrsities.
Saijo is famous with Hiroshima Univ.& Japanese Sake (rice liqueur cellars).

Hello! my friends._c0325278_12161948.jpg
Please take this bus to the Hiroshima Univ. from here.

(In Saijjo there are many good bread shops.)

In the station of Saijo,there is a bread shop.(西条駅2F)
『Saint Etoile.(サン・エトワール)』

Actually,this bread shop was not so good before.
But now it has changed.
Very good!

Hello! my friends._c0325278_12172818.jpg
You can Eat-In.

Hello! my friends._c0325278_12175712.jpg
There are many kinds of breads in this bead shop.

Hello! my friends._c0325278_12183285.jpg
I love salty Croissants. 011.gif
Please try it!

Hello! my friends._c0325278_12192381.jpg
Azalea in full bloom

Hello! my friends._c0325278_12201244.jpg
Shall we eat together?

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